What do I have to Lose?

May 20, 2020 2 min read No Comments
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This is a journal prompt I use when I set a goal or find myself stuck in fear or self-doubt. It’s a great question to ask yourself when you need a kick in the butt or a boost of motivation! It’s easy to imagine of all things I will gain when I accomplish a goal, but what do I have to lose if I don’t take action?

Take this blog for example. I knew what I could gain by starting my own blog. Sharing my personal-development journey could potentially help other women overcome their anxieties, learn to manage their thoughts and emotions, get to know themselves better, gain confidence, and find clarity and purpose. It also has the potential to create a beautiful supportive community that I wish I had in my early twenties. Creating a blog could provide a creative outlet where I am free to express myself and could potentially give me the freedom to support myself while working from anywhere in the world.

But starting a blog and putting yourself out there can be scary. When you are vulnerable, even with the intention of helping others, you subject yourself to criticism and judgement. Self-doubt and my fear of what other would think came up every step of the way.

But then I asked myself “what do I have to lose by not moving forward?”

Well, for starters I would have to live with “what if” for the rest of my life, which I was not prepared to do. I would stay in my comfort zone, not learn a single thing about blogging or starting my own business, and keep myself small. I wouldn’t be able to have the impact I desire, there would be no community to grow, and most importantly I would be ignoring my intuition, which has encouraged me to share my experiences with others.

As I created The First Cup I hit several “road blocks” and every time I took myself through this question I was able to get myself back on track.

While it can be helpful to think about what you have to lose by not taking action, be careful not to focus too much on the negatives and make sure you don’t take action from a place of fear, lack, or unworthiness. Let this be a dose of tough love and a gentle reminder that you can stay where you are or you can take action, make change, and reach your potential. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Just do your best and remember that whether or not you accomplish your goals is entirely up to you!

journal prompt

What do you have to lose if you don’t reach this goal, if you don’t keep the promises you made to yourself, if you don’t make this change, or if you don’t take action?

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