My Top 3 Favourite Mindset & Personal Development Podcasts

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Artist: Bria Nicole Art

The Abundance Hub

The first time I listened to the Abundance Hub I instantly connected with Jess and her coaching style. Her honest, no bull shit approach will help you to stop making excuses for yourself and will give you the tools you need to get clarity around your values, vision, and purpose. I have learned a lot from this podcast and am grateful for the insights it has given me.

There is no sugar coating with Jess. She gives it to you straight so be prepared to get your butt kicked (in a good way).

Recommended episodes: #14. Where your thoughts go your future goes, #16. Without vision we perish, #61. the 7 levels of awareness, #17. Anyone else love shiny things like me?


It’s podcasts like the Perfectionism Project that have the ability to make a real difference in your life.

When I first heard Sam Laura Brown’s podcast I had a breakthrough moment: my perfectionist tendencies, which stem from fears of shame/ judgement/criticism were holding me back in a really big way. Sam has helped me recognize and work through a lot of my own self-limiting behaviours like procrastinating, overthinking, and self-sabotage. She is down to earth, relatable, and gives practical advice that will help you overcome your perfectionist mindset!

Recommended episodes: #7. How to stop procrastinating , #45. 10 signs you’re a perfectionist, #10. The fear of wasting effort, #174. 3 reasons you can’t follow through with your plans


The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo is an all around great podcast for mindset and personal development.

Her episodes are short and digestible and cover just about every area of self-development.

I love her ability to take a complex topic and make it easy to understand. She gives really good advice and offers techniques and strategies that are easy to apply.

Brooke has been a big help in overcoming some of my blocks and limiting beliefs. I always take notes when I listen to her episodes and I share many of her exercises on this blog!

Recommended episodes: #5. Overcoming fear, #14. Overcoming Anxiety, #15. Other people’s opinions, #3. How to set goals


  • Unf*ck Your Brain
  • The Melissa Ambrosini Show
  • Rise & Conquer

Feel free to share your favourite personal development and mindset podcasts and how they have positively impacted your life!

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