30 Daily Intentions

May 20, 2020 2 min read No Comments
Artist: Nicola Jane Creative

I set an intention in my journal every day as part of my morning routine. Setting an intention for the day helps me stay focused and in alignment with my values and goals. If I feel myself getting off track throughout the day I’ll revisit the intention I made earlier. I have seen huge shifts in my wellbeing since starting this practice and I notice a difference on the days I don’t do it.

The following is a list of 30 intentions that I use most frequently. I hope they inspire you to incorporate this practice into your day as well! 

  1. Be compassionate towards myself and others.
  2. Practice appreciation and gratitude as much as possible.
  3. Notice my thoughts without judgement.
  4. Keep the promises I made to myself and practice self-discipline so that I can make progress with my goals and achieve my long-term vision.
  5. Be present and mindful.
  6. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  7. Give my body what it needs (e.g. nutritious food, exercise, restorative yoga, a walk in nature, massage, rest, sleep, etc.).
  8. Focus on abundance.
  9. Trust that everything is unfolding as it is meant to.
  10. Have an open heart space.
  11. Be aware of the energy I am putting out in the world.
  12. Be kind to others.
  13. Meditate or bring my attention back to my breathe if I get caught up in my thoughts or in my head.
  14. Learn something new.
  15. Live in alignment with my core values.
  16. Don’t compare myself with others.
  17. Let go of any beliefs that no longer serve me.
  18. Practice patience .
  19. Do what makes me happy.
  20. Be open to receiving guidance.
  21. Take care of myself.
  22. Make the most of this day because it’s a blessing.
  23. Be authentic and speak my truth.
  24. Feel how I feel.
  25. Accept my emotions.
  26. Practice non-resistance.
  27. Go with the flow.
  28. Practice balance and moderation.
  29. Honour the season I’m in.
  30. Show up as the best version of myself.

What are some of your favourite intentions?

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