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My 10 Step Goal Setting Process

August 2, 2020 4 Comments

Having clarity around what I want and working towards my potential is empowering and has had a profound impact on my confidence and well-being. I have learned a lot about goal setting this past year and am proud of the progress I have made. I created good habits and routines for myself like reading 1-2 books a months, journaling, meditating, and exercising consistently as well as achieved some pretty big things like starting a Masters…

My Favourite Personal Development & Mindset Accounts on Instagram

August 2, 2020 2 Comments

I think it’s so important that your social media feed reflects your values and who you are as a person. Social media can sometimes be a toxic and negative space full of comparison and judgement. If this is the case for you and you feel drained or anxious after scrolling through your feed then start unfollowing and deleting anyone who does not lift you up or support your goals. I believe this is a form…

Journal Prompts for Anxiety

August 2, 2020 2 Comments

The most important thing I have learned about anxiety is how to give myself the time and space to experience it without letting it get out of control and totally consume me. Journaling has helped me gain self-awareness around my emotions, my thoughts, and my belief systems. In order to overcome my anxiety I have had to sit with it, explore why it was coming up, and work through it. The following journal prompts have…

Breaking Through Blocks and Self-Doubt

August 2, 2020 4 Comments

A block is a limiting belief, habit, or behaviour that gets in the way of achieving your goals. Usually blocks are routed in fear and self-doubt and come up to try and keep us in our comfort zones. For me, my biggest block is my inner critic, or negative thoughts and stories I tell myself. Some examples are: “I can’t” “That’s too hard” “I don’t know how” “People will judge me” “I’m probably going to…

Journal Prompts for Goal Setting

August 2, 2020 No Comments

Whenever I have a goal or want to create a new habit or routine I work through a series of journal prompts. This helps me gain clarity around what I am trying to achieve, figure out my ‘why‘, plan for obstacles, and identify any limiting beliefs or blocks that are getting in my way. Another important part of my goal setting process is tuning into the version of myself that has already accomplished what I…

5 Tips for Motivation

August 1, 2020 3 Comments

After I set a goal or an intention I feel excited, inspired, and full of energy. When I am motivated I feel like I can overcome any obstacle and achieve whatever I set my mind to. It’s kind of like there is a little fire inside of me that keeps me going. But as the days and weeks go by the fire starts to fade and I desperately try to hold onto it. The self-doubt…

How to Focus on One Goal at a Time

August 1, 2020 No Comments

Trying to do too many things at once has been my biggest hurdle when it comes to learning new habits and achieving my goals. I was looking through my journal entries from last year and it was clear that the reason I couldn’t reach any of my goals was because I was trying to do way too much. I wanted to find a new job, apply for grad school, eat healthier, get in better shape,…

Shifting Out of Anxiety-How Do I Want to Feel?

July 31, 2020 No Comments

I recently wrote about a meltdown that I had and everything I learned from it. I dug deep to figure out why I was acting out, what my feelings were, what triggered them, and I learned how I can accept and honour my emotions in a healthier way. I got a lot of clarity! Usually in the aftermath of a meltdown it takes me a while to bounce back and feel like myself again. I…

How to Feel your Feelings

July 31, 2020 No Comments

Learning how to sit with anxiety and uncomfortable emotions has been my greatest lesson this past year. In my post, ‘the 4 Ways we Deal with Anxiety‘ I talked about how accepting anxiety instead of resisting, avoiding, and reacting to it, is the only way for the feeling to pass. Feelings are meant to me felt. In my experience if you try to avoid them or shut them down they intensify. Energetically, emotions that you…